olga vita

congress topics

  • Vitality Project, 3X3 System of Natural Healing
  • Beauty Diet & Detox Beyond Skin Deep


Vitality Coach, Nutritionist, Biotherapist

All-in-1 link https://linktr.ee/OlgaVita

Olga’s signature Vitality Project is a creative combo of Traditional Naturopathy, Eastern Healing Arts and modern advances in health care she has been studying and practicing on 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America for over 20 years.

Functional SuperFood Nutrition, Holistic Detox, Biohacking, Vitality Movement Flow, Bioresonance, Mindfulness help reveal Vitality: Health & Happiness.

Regenerative lifestyle and personal freedom are integrative parts of the Vitality Project.

Results show up as radiant beauty and healthy longevity. Healing, vibrant energy and optimal weight happen effortlessly as a pleasant side effect of enjoying your vitality.

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